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CREDIT: Many of the uploads here are from SP Archives..Sincere thanks to UPLOADERS AT SP ARCHIVES...


These short audio clips are provided here only in the hope of enticing more audience for Carnatic music. Not to have any commercial advantage. venkatakailasam


E'-SWARA is mainly for music downloads. The intent is to spread the musical

message of great Composers and Artists so as to reach as many listeners as possible.
They are provided here for educational purposes and for your listening pleasure. Please respect the rights of the artists and do not copy or reproduce these in any manner for commercial purposes.

Even though prominence is given to south Indian Carnatic music, there is no

disliking to other forms of music.

Music is divine

in whatever form it is .



Care is taken not to include commercial clips as the rights of owners are

respected. However, any slip in this regard may be intimated to me by E Mail to

enable removal of same.

It is again requested not to use the downloads for commercial purpose.

In spite of this disclaimer if anybody resorted to this, it is at their own risk.

This Blog has plenty of songs to hear and watch

and a large number of materials to read about to keep one engaged fully.


Your wonderful sites and uploads
Chitravina N Ravikiran

5:59 AM (20 hours ago)

to me
Dear Mr Venkata Kailasam,

I saw with interest several of your uploads in YouTube as well as your blog/sites. It is indeed very commendable work that you have been carrying out to bring in new audiences to Carnatic music.

I will be happy to add to some of your content, esp. from non-commercial recordings of Venkata Kavi's compositions that I may possess that maybe otherwise scarce to obtain.

I just had a couple of requests:

It may be a good idea to call him Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi - since it will be easier for people to identify him with that kind of image.

On a personal note, my name is one word and it is now consistently being printed more like Chitravina N Ravikiran (since a few other Ravikirans have also emerged in the field in recent times).

If you need any clarification on any song/composer that I have played on your uploads, please feel free to email me...

With sincere regards,

Chitravina N Ravikiran

Welcome to my Website
and Blog

Sashi kulkarni
lovely .
you are miles ahead of all our work .
Thanks for making such lovely products for posterity .
I can only collect and sort .But dont have the knowledge to see it in its full perspective .
Thanks you so much again

you are always inspiring.Happy new year sir. Sai Ram.

Am glad you visited my Music Home (as I call my YT channel :), & that you enjoyed my humble Music selections reflecting my passion for fine Music. Am here to in fact express my appreciation for your wonderful Carnatic Classical Music uploads am really thankful to have found, (in particular, Gayatri & Rajani's Tukaram Abhang I stumbled upon :), & look forward to browsing through more from your superb repository of fine Music here. :)
Due Regards, & Best always.

thank you . Its a treasure that you hold on this channel.....

Thank you so much for the range of wonderful videos.Cannot thank you enough for those rare MS Amma's recordings.Sai Ram.-Samaganam

VKailasam Sir,

I had a chance to sample some of your wonderful uploads. What a collection! Once can spend hours just enjoying these. My mind boggles the effort that must have gone into selection and mixing. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful music with all of us in such an innovative way.

Warm regards

Vijayalakshmi Kailasam Iyer mentioned you in a comment.

Vijayalakshmi wrote: "That was very nice of u Venkata Kailasam Sir to do the mixing and upload songs in Youtube and in ur blogs easwara and easwari enabling all music lovers to hear them.Thank you very much Sir."

I went into the Media Fire link for Audio and Video files and I am unable to come out !

Niranjana Satish


She has left a new comment on your post " I am in you, with you, above you, around you, be...": - she

(Thanks for sharing - happy every day Oh .............)- A Viewer from China !

Respected sir, I am very much impressed by your webpage and the service rendered by you. I came to know about your webpage while searching for carnatic idol, Jaya tv. When I opened it, I could view lots of informations, songs etc. I need one help. I need a good song for my daughter( not bajan) on Srisathya sai or shirdi sai to sing on Eswaramba day . Kindly help me.
with regards,

Thanks for the great vids! Really appreciate it :)
Any tm krishna vidoes on tv coming up?


'E'-SWARA-01-E Gayathri-Veena-Srasiruhasanapriye-Naata-Feb21.:
so sweet to listen to:
lathayalam. 11-03-2010

Mr. Kailasam.. Really appreciate your posting this series. We are in the US and dont have Jaya TV and we are thoroughly enjoying this.

Thanks again

Shanthi and Ramesh

Thanks a lot Kailasam sir for posting this beautiful concert....... Amazing blend of sashtriya sangeetham and hindustani music!!!!-(Kazkastan)

awesome website.
just a request though, i'd like to download the
- Seethapathe- Kamas-Ganesh -Kumaresh-Violin track..( Australia)

Dear Shri Ananthanarayanan, I have been thinking of you everyday as I almost everyday enjoy the fruits of your efforts sitting in the armchair, by making best use of E SWARA, a veritable gold mine.
I am also a retired official, settled at Bangalore, presently at Seattle, USA, with my daughter and son-in-law, wife and grand children to give company, ample time to enjoy nature and music and all the good things of life, by the Grace of God.
The least I can do in return is to simply acknowledge the bounty around and say thanks to people like you who have made it easy for us to know so much about so many things.
Regards and let you be bestowed by Almighty with the Best of His Wishes is our prayer.
Balasubramanian T.K. ( Seattle)

Anonymous said... is very informative. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading every day.


I simply wish to salute you with folded hands for the great
service you are rendering to the music hungry people
like us.May Sri Satya Sai Baba bless you.I live in switzerland
for the last 31 years, cut of culturally.Your E-swara
is reviving our old joy and bliss of listening to carnatic music
even from far off continents.Thank you again,Sir.-( Swisterland)

Browsed your blog here:
Very comprehensive collection of Carnatic music and songs which is delight for all music lovers.

Iniya Manithar Avargallukku,

I came across your musical web Eswara by chance in an attempt to refine myself on Music. Its really fruitful. Best things in our Lives ie most In-valuables are available at free of cost. Your web too... My sincere heartful thanks for your kind works for it may reach & help someone even beyond our generation. I liked everything in your web. Particulalry your grand kids drawing about the zebra..Zoo. God should give you everything in life. I pray for all your family members.

I have no music background or knowledge but i have now passed half of my life with a guiltiness that i did not try to learn it. Though my schooling was in a village near neyveli, i started my 6th std in TTV school in chennai in 74. There the Asst Head Master cum PT master daily used to torture me. He used to command me onething to do, a dirty job daily which I hated. He dont know me. He never took any subject in our class. I was not also in NCC where he was the master. But still today I wonder why he chose to torcher me.

You know what he asked me to do?

To sing daily the school prayer in HM room in Mic. There were many students interested in doing the job but he picked only me. The reason he loved my voice. But i disliked the job due to my orientation (that time) towards Dravidian movement. I have recommended many of my brahmin friends to the Asst HM for the prayer duty. But he insisted only me. Though I did without any interest, God gifted me something in return. If you go now to the TTV school, you can find a big board. In that my name will be there as the best out going student for the year 1979. It was the gods gift in return for me ( though i did not ask him). But now I realise I have failed something in what God asked me for Him. I should have developed my vocal skill. Under social circumstances, I could not do it then. Its my guilt. I am always sorry about this…. Switzerland

A neat carnatic Music Site.

The song, the lyrics with meaning and a video of the artist-all add luster to the site.

Continue to provide, thank you,

Dear Sir,

I am one of the regular viewers of your blog 'E'swara'. Your new blog 'E-swari' also is interesting. I down loaded songs of sudha's songs from this blog and observe that these down loads are supported by 'Real Audio' only and not wmp or nero or other players. Can you
please convert these into ordinary mp3 and make it available / playable in normal players?

Sir, Namaskarams. Im an ardent fan of MSS Amma renderings. I have seen the videos uploaded by you.Im very very thankful for your wonderful work. The videos uploaded by you are very good but they are of a very low resolution.

I wish to take your blessings...

Thanking you,

I feel I do not know you well enough to address you as Vkailasam !)
Though I have been wanting to see your website (or blog) for many days , I got round to it only today. I was astounded at the scholarship and effort the blog showed !

T H A N K Y O U……………So much.

You are doing a grt job to spread awareness about india's great cultural heritage .........
all d best for your future work !!!

My mother listens to devotional music through your channel.. Hope you don't mind.

Dear sir, Thank you for uploading so many songs which are indeed a treat for music lovers, especially those who can't easily access them... Please continue this wonderful service for many many more years...May God shower his choicest blessings on you!!

hello Sir,
I am great admirer of your Marvellous service to Music Lovers..I am a Carnatic Music Student from Trichy learning under Vidhwan Trichy Sri K Ramesh.:…

a request: can you kindly help me to get thyagaraja's Kalgada krithi "samayamu emarake", for listening on net -- audio, or, video. most grateful, thank you!

Dear Brother,
Thank you so much for your uploads of India's Divine sounds of Music….

This is just a general comment, hope you like it. Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember: A kite rises against the wind rather than with it. When in a tight corner I usually find that difficult moment has the potential to open my eyes and open my heart. Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before.
Thank you my friend. Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success…

love the music ! Blessings to you

Yours is a wonderful Channel, holding the Indian Cultures and values very high,
What is your name Sir.
DK Sharma…

thanks. lovely uploads.

Thanks for the great uploads. Living far away from India I feel I dont miss the music only because of the technology and tech savvy enthusiasts like you. Best Wishes.

Thanks a lot. All the very best !

Thank u very much.......Great information i fallow your blog….

உங்கள் இணையதளம் இசைக்கடலாக உள்ளது, அருமையான இசையைப் பகிர்ந்து தருகிறீர்கள், என் மனம் நிறைந்த பாராட்டுகள்

I appreciate your interest to help, guide others by mailing useful links. Once again thank you very much

It is very very kind of you.can't imagine for a moment that GOD has been benevolent to me in the roopam of venakatakailasam. you have taken so much of interestin my case. my wife, who teaches ashtapathis to many friends in groups and myself are forever grateful to you, My wife who hails from Gobichettipalayam named lalitha was taught the ashtapatis with the slokas by poojyasri Ramakrishnan while she was just 12 along with a group of girls of her age . pasumarathani pola avrgaludaya manangalil padindhu vittadhu . regards cordially yours .S.K.Balasubramanian

Sri VK- THANK YOU VERY MUCH. KVN's music is just superb!!! The song on lalitha had never heard before. A new addition to my database.

the other day i visited your blog and enjoyed Mysore JCW's compositions.

You are doing a wonderful work , please keep it up !!!

U decided to quit the, what a loss to every one.

Pl do send me as attachments mp3 files of Palghat KVN's Mysore Maharaja's compositions available in your blog.

mAnayatha manjula in Kokilapriya I love this song esp sung by KVN

few more songs sung by KVN of Mysore JCW

I want tp practise these songs by listening to them quite often and try to master and sing for my own pleasure.

I am sure you can send me the mp3 files.

SIR,I am delighted to find your instructions on rasikas for fb friendship. I m a great fan of yours . i like your posts , rather admire. Even though i like carnatic music very much,I am not aware of the intricacies of talam, raga development in stages, swara singing etc.Iam a layman. best wishes to you and family members. wish you all a very happy new year ….

Happy New Year vkailasam! I wish you a year filled with joy, peace and love!....

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