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Ananthalakshmi Sadagopan

Ananthalakshmi Sadagopan was born to AR Narayanan and Alarmelu at Madurai..
She had training under SSI,Neduneri,VV Sadagopan as also Sattur AGS…
She had rendered many concerts for AIR..She had tuned many compositions of  Smt Ambhum Krishna and rendered some of her compositions..She had also tuned Kumagurubarar’s Meenakshi ammai pillai Tamizh..
Madurai R Sundar on his Guru..

I was one of the few fortunate ones to grow up in a household where music was a part of the daily routine. Thanks to my aunt, Smt. Ananthalakshmi Sadagopan. Her sonorous and felicitous voice was my first introduction to Carnatic music at a very early age.

Later when I started learning from her during her visits to Madurai, I understood what a great tradition she had imbibed in her music. Learning from the illustrious Sathur Sri. A.G.Subramaniam, Semmangudi Sri Srinivasa Iyer, Nedunuri Sri.Krishnamurthy, Sri. V.V.Sadagopan and Smt. T.Muktha, she had one of the best kriti-pAtAntarams. She had training in Hindustani music from Sri.Vaman Rao Sadolikar. Her tutelage in Carnatic and Hindustani music brought a lot of creativity into her raga expositions. Her alapana of ‘Sowrashtram’ won her the prestigious Vocal-Ladies prize in Madras Music Academy in 1943. The versions of songs she presented always had the mark of authenticity and she strictly enforced that her students carried forward the tradition. Her felicitous voice could traverse octaves effortlessly in fast speed and at the same time peg itself at a specific note like it was a huge cricket playground. The RTP in four ragas (Shankarabharanam, Todi, Kalyani and Durbar) that she had recorded for HMV while in her early teens stood testimony to her musical prowess. She had impeccable memory. I could wake her up and ask for the 6th variation in ‘chakkani raja margamu’, she would know exactly what it was. Talk about random access memory to a computer savvy. She was an ‘A’ grade artiste of the All India Radio.

Even today her presence in my concerts make me nervous. While she has a lot of affection for me as her nephew, she is one of my fervent critics.

 More  about her is at:
I have some collections of her..
Listen at:

Unfortunately all her songs are in Albums which I suppose have copyright tag.. and are not available for free download....

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