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Pudukode Krishnamurthy

Pudukode Krishnamurthy (1923-85)

He was a disciple of Palakkad Rama Bhagavathar. He spent a few years at Delhi during the 1940s. He was a professor at Palakkad music college and Swathi Thirunal music college. He was at Kalakshetra from 1978.
Pudukode Krishnamurthy (1923-85) was a disciple of Palakkad Rama Bhagavathar. He spent a few years at Delhi during the 1940s where he taught music and performed for All India Radio. He was appointed as professor of music at Palakkad music college in 1958 and Swathi Thirunal music college in 1970. In 1976 he became the principal of Palakkad music college.

After retirement, he joined Kalakshetra in 1978 in the company of another great musician, M.D. Ramanathan. There are a lot of similarities between these two vidwans: they were neighbours (Manjapra and Pudukode are adjacent villages in Palakkad), colleagues, and friends at Kalakshetra. Even their singing styles have similarities. MDR passed away in 1984, and Pudukode sir, a year later.

He was good at Malayalam and Sanskrit and has composed music for patriotic poems of Vallathol Narayana menon, beautifully sung by himself. This recording was released by Kerala Kalamandalam.
He was a regular performer in the TVM Navarathri Mandapam which was eAgerly looked forward by discerning rasikas.
Pudukkode was a good composer too...e.g. 'arul puriya innum tAmadama' in Kapi

A very popular performer and an excellent teacher, Pudukode Krishnamurthy has many distinguished disciples, both in Kerala and Tamil Nadu…

Some of his files are here:

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