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Maharajapuram Krishnamurthy

Maharajapuram Krishnamurthy:

Maharajapuram Krishnamurthy was  the younger brother of another legend of Classical Carnatic Music, Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer.
Not many carnatic music songs are available of him.

 He played Lord Krishna while the celebrated Palayamkottah Sisters P.S. Ratna Bai-P. S. Saraswathi Bai played Rukmini and Satyabhama in the film Bhama Vijayam…

To play sage narada gnb was brought in.

When Sage Narada calls on Lord Krishna, Krishna suggests that they sing together which they have not done for long. At once GNB and Maharajapuram Krishnamurthy begin to sing a duet of the Classical Carnatic Music Composition of Saint Thyagaraja Swamigal." Koti nadhulu Dhanushkotilo undaga…" Lord Krishna and Sage Narada sing a Telugu song composed later during the 18th century!
Anachronism? Against all rules of Dramaturgy? And the Drama Theory of the great Greek Aristotle? Well, nobody bothered about such technical niceties, with all enjoying the brilliantly rendered duet by MRK and GNB!
That was not all. The last scene had all the important characters of the movie.
Lord Krishna, Rukmini and Satyabhama, Sage Narada, and other rishis who had come to meet Krishna, and all sing together in chorus '' "Jana Gana Mana Athi Nayaka Jayahey…" In every screening of the show the moviegoers stood and sang the song in chorus along with Lord Krishna and Sage Narada, clapping vigorously though not always in correct ‘thala’! That was the period when the Indian Freedom Movement was gathering strength and that was all that mattered and not cinematic idiom and grammar!
Surely those were the days... the legendary GNB went ahead and acted in a fistful of films, "Sathi Anasuya"(1937)… "Sakunthalai" (1940)… and "Udhayanan Vasavadatta" (1947)… "Rukmaangadhan"(1947), and went back to the Carnatic Music World where he scaled Olympian Heights...
There are three  songs that I could gather.. They remind Shri SG Kittappa and the olden days songs in a Drama
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