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Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar

Lyrics and meaning:

Ragam: sankarabharanam
thalam: mishra chapu
pallavi :
akshayalingavibho svayambho akhilandakoti prabho pahi shambho { akshayalingavibho }

aksharasvarupa amitapratapa arudha vrshavaha jaganmoha
dakshashikshana dakshatara suralakshana vidhi vilakshana
lakshyalakshana bahu vicakshana sudha-bhakshana gurukatakshavikshana { akshayalingavibho }

caranam :
badarivanamula nayikasahita bhadrakalisha bhaktavihita
madanajanakadi devamahita mayakaryakalanarahita
sadayaguruguhatata gunatita sadhujanopeta shankara
navanita hrdayavibhata tumburusangita hrimkarasambhuta hemagirinatha
sadashrita kalpakamahiruha padambuja bhava
ratha gaja turaga padadi samyuta caitrotsava sadashiva saccidanandamaya { akshayalingavibho }


o lord, who self manifests and who is in the form of a linga that is eternal and undecaying! Lord of the countless universes! Protect me o auspicious one!

Embodiment of letters! One of inestimable glory! Mounted on the bull! Enchanter of the world! Expert in chastising daksha! Protector of the gods! Lord of brahma! Expert in grammar and poetry! Imbibing nectar! Your glance is full of compassion and deep meaning!

Resident of the badari (jujube) forest, in the company of the goddess! Lord of bhadrakali! Visible to devotees! Respected by vishnu, the father of cupid and other gods! Devoid of the blemish of worldly acts! Progenitor of the kind subrahmanya! Possessor of countless good qualities! Praised by the noble! Benevolent! Possessor of a butter like heart! Enjoying the music of tumburu! Arising out of the syllable "hrim"! Lord of the golden meru mountain! Always giving boons like the kalpaka tree to those who take refuge! Of the lotus like feet! Universe personified! Possessing chariots, elephants, horses and foot soldiers! Having annual festival in the month of chaitra (april/may)! Eternal wealth! Filled with true bliss!

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