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BV Raman BV Lakshman

A detailed profile on Sree BV Raman and his twin brother Sree BV Lakshmanan:

S/Shri BV Raman and BV Lakshmanan  were twin brothers belonged to the town of Bhavani, near Erode. Their father B.V.Subramaniya Iyer was the Deputy collector at Gooty when they were born.

They were offered scholarships and also the hospitality of Tiger Varadachariar at Annamalai University. They graduated in 1943 and were privileged to serve the Guru in Gurukulavasam and imbibed his incomparable bhani from which they never swerved till the end.

The brothers B.V. Raman and B.V.Lakshmanan were the gentle giants of Carnatic music who strictly adhered to Sampradaya without indulging in undignified gimmicks and pyrotechnics.

Sangita Kala Acharya B.V.Raman passed away on November 26-2006 in Chennai while Lakshmanan passed away in 1999.

Gurus: Veena Krishnamachariar, Srinivasa Rao, Kulitalai Krishnaswami Rao. Learnt music from Tiger Varadachariar from 1938 to 43 at Annamalai University and from 43 to 45 at Kalakshetra. Kathakali padas from Venkatakrishna Bhagavatar, elder brother of Palghat Rama Bhagavatar.

Awards: Sangita Jyoti from Swami Sivananda, Sangita Gnana Mani from the Kanchi Swamigal and Ganakala Visharadha from the Sringeri Swamigal, Rama Nama Gana Ratna from Satya Sai Baba, Isai Kadal from the Tamizh Isai Sangam, Karaikudi, BV Raman received the Sangeeta Nataka Academy Award in 1998

General: The twins were assisting Rukmini Devi at Kalakshetra, after which BV Lakshmanan moved to AIR Delhi where he stayed till 1957. They composed many varnas, tillanas and kritis and were also known for their repertoire of rare songs.

There is an article in Tamil in Dinamalar -Anmeega Malar about BVR- BVL…
The Gist is as below:
They agreed to perform at Kanchi madam on 3 rd day of Navarathri. They were asked to perform at Anantha Padama swami temple also which they regretted due to this performance at kanchi madam.
Subsequently ,they were, due to change in program , requested to perform on the first day of Navarathiri itself which they did. They were managed to come to Kanchi madam
for the Third day function in pouring rain by taking a bus to kanchi where only two seats were available.
After pooja was over , Periava asked them all about their performance at Padmanabaswamy temple, their plight in getting the ticket in the bus and the pouring rain
They were wondering how Periava was able to know all about this! They told Him that it is only due to his blessings. Periava told them that it is all due to HER and She blessed them with Two mangos with a single stone…..

Incidentally, they were first cousins to my Father-in law…

Some of his files are here:

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