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Radha Jayalakshmi

Radha Jayalakshmi

Radha Jayalakshmi Carnatic music vocalist duo as well as playback singers in films in 1940s and 1950s, before they became music teachers…
They are not own sisters…They are blood cousin sisters…
Radha and Jayalakshmi were from G. N. Balasubramaniam school, where they learned classical vocal music from the noted vocalist and teacher…
Radha And Jayalakshmi started learning with TR Balu who died very young in 1957 or so.
They then learnt from Shri GNB..
The duo was awarded the 1981 Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in Carnatic Music – Vocal…

Shanmukhapriya and Haripriya, popularly known as the Priya Sisters, were their students…..

A qouote from Shri K Srikanth at ‘parvathi’…
“During 60s and 70s , R-J were a much sought after performing duo. They were always crowd pullers, and invariably their concert used to be a grand success.
Their planning of a 3-hr concert was always excellent. R-J had created aunique niche for themselves in the Carnatic Music World with their inimitable, precise, clear rendition of kritis,comprehensive Raga presentation, creative Swaras, and Devotional Devaranamas with great mass appeal.”

Once Mysore T Chowdiah called them “GNB in sarees”…

It is unfortunate that the music lovers and sabhas have totally ingored their contribution to carnatic music. Till 1990s they were active in their field and their concerts were much loved by music lovers…



Lalitha K said...

while it is hard to get any audio of Radha Jayalakshmi for listening, you have done a great great service to music lovers in allowing us to listen and download any song from your amazing assembled collection of music from yesteryears' great masters.

Kannan Venkatakrishnan said...

I started listening the songs of Radha & Jayalakshmi Sisters at the age of 10. I was searching these for a long time. Thanks a lot.