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Aparadhi nanalla
Ragam: revathi
thalam: kanda chapu
composer: purandara dasa
Raagam: revati

taalam: khandachapu
aparadhi nanalla aparadhavenagilla kapata nataka sutradhari nine

caranam 1

nine adisadiralu jadavunikeya bombe enu madalu balladu tanebera
ninitta sutradi calipavu kaikalugalu nine mukkisalu mukkuvade had0avanu

caranam 2

ondendu bagila pattanakkedannadendu ippattaru maneyalgala
tandu kavala nilisi enna ni olagittu munde bhavadali phavanibudanyaya

caranam 3

yantra vahaka nine endadadandahudananda muruti namma purandaravithala
I am not a sinner. This so-called life is all a fake and it is of your making. What can a doll, shaped like a pounding sick, do for itself? Because of the Sutras you hold in your hand you are able to cause movements in the hands and legs. In this city-like body you have restrained me and having closed off all the nine exits that are guarded by twenty-six sentries and making me suffer through this miserable life, is indeed unfair. Are you not the operator of my internal engine? Under these conditions what kind of independence do I have? Purandaravithala! The father of Manmata and one manifesting himself in several forms, all that happens in this world is because of your will. ( Courtesy Music India on line)

04-Anudinamunu kAvumayya-bEgaDA-My Audio..

Santhanam 160-Mithri bhagyame soumithri bagyame-kharaharapriya-Adhi-Thyagaraja-My Audio

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